Friday, June 23, 2006

Final entry on the job search series

Final entry in Job seeker series-Making first contact.

When you get a job lead, follow your contact’s instructions if they give any. It’s best if they make a call or send an e-mail first on your behalf. This instant reference will let the employer to expect your e-mail or phone call.

If they don’t do this for you, you’ll have to make first contact yourself. If you get a phone number make a call to the contact person’s business. Introduce yourself and give the name of the person who referred you. Tell them you’re interested in working in their industry and would like to get some information about the business.

Most times the receptionist will send you to voicemail. If this happens just leave a polite message introducing yourself and your phone number. Someone should get back to you in a week. If not, make another call and leave another message.

Hopefully, these tips will lead up to an interview.