Monday, January 25, 2010

All About Marilyn Now Available At Barnes & and

Now Available from SJS DIRECT

Fame Ends at 34.
Life Begins at 35.

ISBN: 978-0-615-34258-0

Suggested Retail price $14.00

Marilyn Marie is desperate to break away from Nikki Desmond, the rich spoiled rotten character she played on the hit 1990’s teen sitcom All About Nikki. Scraping by for years on work in two bit made-for-video productions and handouts from friends, the 34-year-old actress anxiously waits for the big break that will jump start her stalled career. Tragically it comes she’s on the set of the movie SELL OUT when she’s attacked by Hollywood’s current it girl Tabatha Strong.

While recovering in the hospital Marilyn prepares for the greatest role of her life: being herself. However, the ghost of Nikki Desmond continues to haunt her as she travels to New York with a new face and a new lease on life. Eager to move on, Marilyn realizes she must reconcile with her troubled television past if she is to have a future in the real world.

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